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Listen Button
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Listen Button

The Listen Button allows Content Publishers and bloggers to provide visitors with an easy and instant way to hear regular text articles. Located near the familiar “Email” and “Print” buttons on top of each article in mainstream media and blogs, the Listen Button when clicked will open a player which will read aloud the currently displayed article. This is an essential feature for the multi-tasking environment, where people can listen to articles from their favorite sites while working on their computer or performing other tasks. The Listen Button also expands the reach of a content site by allowing vision-impaired and language learners to easily access the site's content.

The feature is enabled on several content sites and blogs; just to name a few:

The Listen Button relies on the Odiogo system which automatically creates high fidelity audio files of new entries in content providers' sites and blogs. With Odiogo your text content can be listened to on the PC, mobile phone and iPod/MP3 player.

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Starter kits for blog platforms

Odiogo has developed tools to simplify the integration of the Listen Button feature on diversified environments.

 The WordPress plug-in instructions can be found here.

 The Odiogo Listen Button Widget for Blogger can be found here.

 The Odiogo Listen Button Widget for TypePad/Movable Type can be found here.

 The Odiogo Listen Button Extension for BlogEngine.NET can be found here.

 The Odiogo Listen Button Widget for Terapad can be found here.