“I'm predicting it a fair success!” — Planet Ozh
Mainstream media
Odiogo: give your text content voice and legs


Mainstream Media

  • Want to reach the 160 Million iPod/MP3 users with your text content?
  • Want to have your articles deliverable in real time in an ad-supporting audio format?

Odiogo is the only way to go!

Odiogo converts dynamic web pages into high-quality audio files.
Odiogo uses sophisticated algorithms to filter-out the non-content item (links, legends, ads, etc.) of your web pages. This "cleaned" content is then processed by advanced text-to-speech technology to produce nearly human quality audio output. The files Odiogo produces can be easily uploaded into an iPod/MP3 player, listened to on a mobile phone or played on a PC or Mac. Click here to listen to a sample.

New opportunities for your content
With Odiogo, your content is no longer limited to screen or printed output. iPod/Mp3 owners can subscribe to your Odiogo-enabled feeds and get the audible version of your content uploaded automatically every time they synchronize their device. You can promote your content on the ever-increasing multitude of podcast directories.

Odiogo-enable your site in just a few hours
Making your site fully Odiogo-enabled takes just a few hours. Once you've signed up for the service, your site's registered feeds and html pages are monitored by Odiogo and audio files are automatically produced and stored on the Odiogo servers. All you need to do is promote the new service on your site with a link to the Odiogo enabled feed. No programming skills are required since all the processes, including the storage of the audio files, are performed in the Odiogo Data Center.

So simple for consumers
Consumers wanting to receive your content just need to subscribe to your podcasts through iTunes, iPodder, or similar services. They will get updated feeds from Odiogo servers every time they synchronize their device. Old items are automatically removed from the iPod/MP3 player.

Sign up now to expand your reach and make your textual content podcast-ready!

Check out the The Jerusalem Post Podcast Service Powered by Odiogo.